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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Super ISDN Celebrity Hollywood Extravaganza!

Yes, thanks in part to key word searches we're back to the breathless headlines of the good old days, when gossipy newspapers strung nouns and adjectives together like plastic cranberries and popcorn on a Zody's Xmas tree.

Today certainly was our day to, "Service the Stars!" to speak.

First up was an ISDN engagement for our friends at Campbell, Mithun, Esty of Minneapolis, Minn., wherein animation and commercial VO star Jeannie Elias (Over The Hedge, The Wild) stopped in for a commercial read. The Montreal native is now at home in So. Cal. (A gratuitous plug being mandatory for those north of the border who love to play, "Guess Who's A Canadian" eh?)

Next up was an ISDN session with TV and Film star John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Northern Exposure, etc.). John was in for an ISDN session courtesy of DDB Chicago. Always the cool breeze when he visits The Prod Room, John just came off the road with The John Corbett Band which recently hit Chicago and Kansas City.

Finally, ever vigilant engineer Steve Gordon stepped out onto our second floor landing to hail a citizen who was parking his car and blocking our driveway. The motorist turned out to be Kenny Loggins, who graciously scooted his car out of the way.

Only in Santa Barbara.

And by the way, shouldn't you be subscribing to this blog?

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