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Friday, July 6, 2007

The Rabbi, The Bull Rider and the IQ Test

Did you hear the one about the Rabbi, the Bull Rider and the IQ Test?

Well, neither had I until a client presented us with a challenge.

We were called on to produce a series of radio commercials for an agency that needed us to co-ordinate production between their creative talent in another city, a professional bull rider in Colorado and a local Rabbi. They also needed us to cast an authoritative voice to be the "brand" announcer. The agency directed the talent by phone patch and finished production was delivered to broadcasters from a virtual studio on The Production Room website.

Then there was the IQ test. Or more properly there was Stephen Murdoch, local author of the new book, "IQ: Smart History of a Failed Idea". If you're an NPR listener, you probably heard our live ISDN feed to "Talk of the Nation" from Washington DC. The program feed came from The Production Room in Santa Barbara. As a listed ISDN service provider for NPR stations, we're increasingly using ISDN to link guests in our studio to programs on this national network.

I'm hoping more of our local Industry, Agency and Independent producers will discover that we can do for them what we're already doing for major companies, producers and networks around the world. We've come along way to bring professional production options to Santa Barbara.

If you need a level of service compatible with major studios and networks, a connection from a major market to Santa Barbara or if you're a regional agency in North America, Asia or the EU in need of a professional production partner, we're ready to help you.

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