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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What The World Knows About US

Sarah Palin and several others are claiming that Barack Obama is unpatriotic or un-American for suggesting that US forces are (in her words) 'air raiding civilians' in Afghanistan.

The problem is that US forces are in fact, "air raiding civilians" in Afghanistan.

Everybody on the ground there from the president of Afghanistan to our NATO allies knows this is true and they are complaining loudly about it. Especially since US planes murdered a wedding party last summer and US commanders tried to deny that it happened.

How do I know?

Because our Canadian allies were reporting this story in August and September. Seems the ungrateful Afghanis don't appreciate being murdered at family gatherings.

Why do these air strikes happen?

According to allied commanders it's because US forces operate under different rules of engagement in Afghanistan than NATO forces. NATO rules are more conservative with the result that there have been far fewer civilian or friendly fire casualties inflicted by NATO than by the US.

Barack Obama was speaking about facts that are well understood by everyone.

Everyone but John McCain, Sarah Palin and the red-meat loving right.

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