The Production Room was founded in 1995 as one of the first full time digital commercial recording facilties on the central coast of California. We started with 4 stereo tracks, 16 mb of ram and a 250 mb hard drive. A lot has happened since then. Today we're focusing on ways to serve clients who are creating web based media content. This includes strategic planning to integrate the benefits of traditional media, web design and IT solutions into new programs produced especially for on-line consumers. Join in the conversation. Throw rocks at glass houses. Share your vision of the future. This is the most progressive time in the media arts since Johannes Gutenburg invented movable type!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UPDATE: Having Cake. Eating it Too.

The prim young woman is holding a birthday cake behind her parent's home in Washington, D.C. She has no idea that more than 70 years later she will blow out candles on her 90th birthday and watch the sun set on the Pacific ocean. That's my mom.  I spent the past week with her. She is tiny and frail and she is fearless.  She is a spiritual warrior and an inspiration.

When The Production Room moved from Santa Barbara to Prince Edward Island, Canada in June of 2010, I decided to stop updating this blog. But I continued serving clients and providing voice-overs and production services from The Production Room studio here in Murray Harbour North.

Now it's time to share some news and updates as we move ahead into 2012.  I continue to serve clients in Southern California and I am excited to anticipate the addition of new clients in Canada.

Here are some of the highlights from the past year at The Production Room

Online Media: 
Flight Sciences International, Pratt & Whitney - Eco-Flight Solutions
Thanks to Montgomery Miller at Flight Sciences who invited me to audition for an online video project in 2011. Eco Flight solutions is reducing the carbon footprint of major air carriers around the world by saving fuel and money.  Flight Sciences programs have reduced carbon emissions by 91 million metric tons since 1992.  Narrating this project was a great fit for me and is a leading marketing tool for Pratt&Whitney.
Other highlighted projects from the past year include:

Webinar content, public service and documentary films.  
Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group - US Government
NOAA - US National Weather Service / National Hurricane Center
Satellite Pictures - A Leap of  Truth

Radio and TV Commercials:  
I continued to serve as a voice talent on radio and TV commercials across North America.
Nissan USA 1-800 Buy Nissan
PODS Moving and Storage
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Promo on ESPN

Corporate / Sales / Promotion 
Litton Entertainment - Syndicated TV Programing pitch pieces to broadcast networks
Chilean Avocados - Marketing to Retailers

Further developments:
John Quimby is available to provide voice and production services to clients in the Maritime Region and across Canada.  As a legal resident of Canada and a US citizen, John is available to clients across North America.

Contact The Production Room:


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