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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edwards Isn't Out Yet

John Edwards is quiet. Too quiet.

He's out of the race and he's not exactly loaded with influence. So why didn't he throw his support to Obama or Clinton before or at least just after Super Tues?
In a year when Edwards' 26 delegates and voter support could make or break a close race, it's interesting that he's held his fire this long. Maybe he thinks he could be the kingmaker.

Meanwhile, we're seeing the two faces of a schizophrenic Democratic party. The Senator from New York is having trouble figuring out how to reach voters with her obvious quality. Her message of "I'm Ready" isn't connecting. Is she experienced? Yes, but so are we - we've already experienced Hillary and that experience cuts both ways. Is she informed? Yes, but anyone who tells you over and over that they KNOW they are the smartest person in the room becomes annoying at best and pathetic at worst. You can't win by telling the electorate that you are smarter than they are.
Finally, Hillary is the DLC candidate, which puts her in direct conflict with party chairman Howard Dean. The DLC plays the big state strategy and tried to stop Howard Dean from assuming party leadership. There is no love lost here.

On the other hand, the Senator from Illinois is schooling both the DLC and the electorate. Obama is the "we" candidate. Hillary is the "I" candidate. Guess which one is inspiring the voters. When Obama takes the podium, he looks like a home run hitter taking batting practice. One applause line after another goes sailing over the fence. The DLC calculation of being just barely left of right is being seen for exactly what it is - an effort to secure political power at the expense of Liberal principles. In an era of badly eroded social values, Obama appears to be a principled Liberal saying, "Yes We Can!" be Liberals again. He's also embracing the Howard Dean 50 State strategy and it's beginning to pay dividends.

I predict that when the primary fight is over, Obama wins.

But the party rules and procedure fight is just getting started and we'll find out who won control of the party when we find out who gets the nomination.

Meanwhile...John Edwards is quiet. Too quiet.

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