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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary - The Executive and the Mother

The Democratic Primary debate in Austin Texas tonight revealed several truths about this campaign.

Hillary Clinton is favored by this format in opposition to the blazing stump speaker,
Barack Obama. She handled herself beautifully.

In quiet and measured tones she expressed her competence as an executive and made the most of her expertise on health care.

She was gracious in her disagreements with Barack Obama and expressed her differences respectfully to him and to the audience.

But she was most effective in her final comments comparing wounded veterans to her personal struggles. Mother Hillary was a figure of genuine compassion.

Obama struggled to maintain the power of the words from his stump speeches in the same measured boardroom atmosphere.

This was clearly Hillary Clinton's arena and she showed her skills at preparation and
in her responses to questions which subtly showed her experience as First Lady.

There was very much a yin and yang here as the masculine Obama asserted himself for America's vision and the feminine Clinton expressed her concerns for women and families.

One can only ponder the possibility of a joint ticket and wonder the old show-biz question: Who gets top billing?

I've been pleased to see the numbers of people from across America and especially readers from around the world in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the European Union who have stopped in to read my thoughts on this election.


I'm particularly interested in sharing my first person impressions as an American voter with people from other countries. This election matters to me and to millions of other Americans. We're paying close attention - as you are - and I hope you're encouraged to know that we realize this election is important to all of us.

I encourage you to post your comments and questions.

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