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Friday, November 14, 2008

Santa Barbara Tea Fire - Night Terrors

I stood on the roof of our house at 11:30 last night and watched the western edge of the fire as it ran up the canyon toward Gibralter. I saw the top of Sycamore
canyon explode in towers of wind driven flame 100 feet high. At the same time I could see the glow of the fire on the eastern edge of the Riviera.

We are safe and sound this morning. The menacing orange rampage of last night is replaced by an ashen and edgy calm here this morning.

We're in shock. Like waking from a nightmare that continues to haunt you.

Last night at about 5:45 the fire started. In less than an hour it was tearing through the brush and homes were literally exploding. I know that when the stories are told we'll be hearing about people literally running out the door of their homes with the smoke and flames chasing them down the street. This has been an extremely agressive and fast moving fire.

No cause reported yet, but rumor and speculation?

One friend who lives near ground zero says the Tea House area is popular with people who like to enjoy the view at sunset...with perhaps a smoke of one kind or another.

The damage could be half a billion dollars.

That's a lot of dreams in ashes this morning.

UPDATE - Fire Map Link

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