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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Long Don. See You on the Internets

Don Frederick has left the building.

He's been downsized over at the LA Times political blog, "Top of the Ticket"

Top of the ticket was one of my favorite places to read political comment starting late last winter. Don Frederick worked out of the LA Times Washington Bureau and fellow blogger Andrew Malcolm worked form an undisclosed location.

Both wrote brilliant coverage during the Democratic primary season. After the general election, they continued to lead the news with commentary, though I began to read them in terms of left and right. Don always seemed to "get it" in my view; a sure sign that he is in fact a biased news source with a left wing radical kinda guy!

Andrew Malcom, whom I respect, once earned my wrath for publishing a totally bogus conservative hit piece on Canadian abortion policy. It was retracted by the Times and corrected on the blog, which I thanked them for.

Now the election is over and the recession has pulled up to the front door. The Times are cutting staff. Mr. Frederick has taken a buy out and is moving on. But you know, when a radio station I worked for was automated so that the air staff could be fired a friend of mine said, "You can't replace somebody with nobody." Since nobody at the newspaper could figure out how to monetize Don Frederick with ads from the strip clubs near LAX, cuts had to be made.

And so, Andrew Malcolm and Top of the Ticket - you have my best wishes. But this would seem to be the wrong year to have your political blog equal the sound of one hand clapping. In a year when the political tide has clearly turned do I want only the perspective of an establishment conservative in exile? Or do I want to know what the government is actually doing.

Good luck Don, let us know where you land.


Andrew Malcolm said...

Thanks, John, for your faithful Ticket readership in the past. Sure hope that I and my new partner can keep you clicking in the exciting political months upcoming.
Andrew Malcolm

John Quimby said...


Thanks for your good work on Top of the Ticket.

I'll keep reading.

Sorry to see things change as I felt Don was a valuable voice but I have nothing but good wishes for your future success!

We're embarking on some new political frontiers. I hope you'll keep us in the loop.