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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bail Out or Re-Program - Obama's Plan For Detroit

You might have missed this speech.

President Elect Obama gave it back in May of '07 in Detroit in front of Auto Industry execs. and city leaders when he wasn't considered a serious hope for the White House.

If you want to know what he said he will do with the auto industry as president, check out the speech linked below.

You'll notice that there is silence and reserve and discomfort in the room as this man, our new president, says exactly what he thinks is wrong with Detroit.

Keep in mind how far ahead of the time he was.

Watch and smile!

Please note Obama's use of the phrase, "Tyranny of Oil" and compare that with his current nominations for cabinet positions.

UPDATE 1.15.09

Please notice Obama's use of the phrase, "Tyranny of oil" in this speech, and compare that with his current cabinet nominees in energy and the environment.

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