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Monday, February 16, 2009

Barbie Turns 50 - ISDN Connects NPR On Point

Robin Gerber is a keynote speaker and the author of several books, including, "Barbie and Ruth - The Story of the World's Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her".

And that's why Tom Ashbrook wanted to speak to her. Tom is the host of NPR's "On Point" which is produced at WBUR in Boston.

On Thurs., Feb 12, Robin Gerber was connected by our ISDN studio-to-studio link for a one hour live segment.

You can link to the show segment called "Barbie Turns 50"

It's an interesting conversation about about a woman, a toy, an icon and an image that continues to play a significant role in the world. And it all came from the imagination of Ruth Handler Elliot, founder of one of America's great companies.

The Production Room is an approved provider of ISDN service to NPR network programs and producers. We use the Telos Zephyr XStream codec to convert analog signal (such as a voice) into an mp3 digital signal that streams over digital phone lines (ISDN). A second codec on the other end converts the mp3 digital signal back into analog sound - in real time. When you listen to the show, it will sound as if Robin Gerber was in Boston.

Our ISDN studio service allows professionals in our area to guest on programs, narrate commercial or films, deliver interviews or be part of media productions anywhere in the world - without leaving town.

For more examples of our service, subscribe to this blog. For a booking inquiry, please email
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And now, here's a little video artifact from YouTube to enjoy:


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