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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Production Room Service Update

Greetings from Prodroom North. I'm in Prince Edward Island, Canada and the good news is that the studio here is all ready to continue production work for our clients.

Even more good news is that high speed wireless is now online here so sending and receiving media files is as fast and easy as it is at the Studio in SB.

I've also hired some help in Santa Barbara to continue providing studio services there, so our ISDN business will continue to be available and supported on demand. Booking service is as easy as sending an email to me:

Or you can call the Production Room at the local nimber: (805) 455-5134 and it will forward to my mobile phone here. And since the studio here in Canada is no longer using dialup, you can call the studio directly at (902) 962-3755. If I'm not in, please leave a message.

I have a fully equipped room here for voice tracking, editing, mixing and delivery of finished audio. The studio features some benefits we don't have yet in SB. We have a really sweet focusrite mic pre-amp which tracks audio to directly to a digital input on the computer for a very clean signal. It sounds great! I'm using our very nice Microtech Gefell microphone for voice recording and I also have the same complete music and sound effect library we use in SB.

I've brought our production archive here too, so we can update exisiting production for you from this location and deliver revised production to you.

Basically, anything I can do in Santa Barbara, I can do here - at the same level of professional quality you expect.

Email is the same as always, and is probably the best way to reach me. Keep in mind that I'm four hours ahead of Santa Barbara, which often helps me deliver completed production faster. And since I'm able to finish and deliver production while the west coast is still asleep, it's likely that your finshed production will be on your desktop when you arrive at work the next day.

I am continuing production on our new weekly podcast series for the Homecast Show, a daily podcast from Los Angeles. And I'll be working on new projects for the 5 Minute Media Manager on this page.

For more about our location this summer, please visit:


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