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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Time for Sponsored Podcasts

A few years ago I had the idea that a radio series could be produced and commercially sponsored by local clients who need to establish a local brand. I started with my own interest in local history which led me to Barbara Tompkins, widow of one of Santa Barbara's most popular historians and the creator of a long running radio series. It was Mrs. Tompkins herself who reviewed the first scripts and gave her input direction on the project. The demo programs were also reviewed by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.

I have adapted material originally presented by Walker Tompkins and others into an entertaining and condensed format that can be easily produced and distributed. The result is "A Time In Santa Barbara", a two minute long audio program that includes a :30 sponsor break.

Though originally conceived as a radio program to fill dead network breaks with local, sponsored content, this feature is also suitable as web content. And while the program was created to strengthen a local institution (in this case a bank) It could be easily structured to promote interests such as a hotel, a conference center, a winery or even the County of Santa Barbara itself. Because every effort is made to present information that is factual and historically accurate, these stories can also be used to illustrate California History in local schools.

I invite you to listen to the demo tracks linked below and enjoy these true stories about Santa Barbara County. If you are interested in knowing more about A Time in Santa Barbara, please contact me at The Production Room (805) 563-0346 or email:

Click the links below to hear, "A Time In Santa Barbara" DEMO TRACKS

1) Tecolote Tunnel

2) Pearl Chase

3) El Capitan

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