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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...And We're Back!

Back in the dim past (I think it was spring) I kind of blew up my business blog to comment on politics and the rhetoric of the Democratic Primary season. Hard to resist since we had two powerful and well coached contenders fighting for control of the Democratic Party as a preliminary to the general election.

But this general election is less about the dexterity of candidates or their skills as campaigners and more about who can find a life boat that will float until we're all rescued in November. So I'm not that interested in what they say because it's mostly obsolete now. (UPDATE: McCain has just suspended his campaign due to the financial crisis. Translation: "The script is out the window!")

I did notice that the Bush appointed Treasury Secretary is lobbying on behalf of his former employer for an industry wide bailout. The final act of this President could be to saddle the next administration with unspeakable debt. Wow. Great idea.

At least there is FINALLY some bi-partisan outrage on Capitol Hill.

* * * * *

In OTHER News!

While you were rapidly sliding into 3rd world status as a citizen of the largest debtor nation in history, I was actually producing hilarious media and serious voice over projects. And beans. I grew a lot of beans.

Fun to mention this item on a day when McCain campaigners continue to stamp their feet and fret over partisanship in the media. (Isn't it ironic that John McCain also chairs the Commerce Committee which oversees the FCC.) UPDATE: McCain also voted to block a re-introduction of the Fairness Doctrine*.
See our take on cable news journalism since the de-regulation of broadcast:

Ooops! And I was trying so hard to stay off of politics!

*McCain co-sponsored Broadcaster Freedom Act

He co-sponsored S. 1742:

Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2007
A bill to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from repromulgating the fairness doctrine.

Cosponsor: Sen. John MCain [R-AZ]

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