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Friday, September 26, 2008

Popcorn Politics

The presidential debate will be fun to watch.
But unless McCain rips off his clothes and screams "They're after me!"
Nothing much will change.

Obama has been campaigning too long to screw this up.
He's been sure footed all week. All he has to do is show that he comprehends what's going on and he will look more presidential than the trapeze artist he's running against.

For his part, all McCain has to do is look he might kill somebody and the right wing will eat it up.

The big news from the McCain camp will come when Palin tearfully resigns next week.

* * * *

Update: 9/30/08

Well, I thought Obama didn't hit very hard on Firday night. Not hard enough to score a knock out. But he apparently won on polling points. He's finally up about 5 points overall which puts him beyond the margin of error, And the swing states have swung his way.

Mean time the angry, divided and increasingly shrill McCain Campaign is spinning into the ground. The problem is certainly bigger than John McCain or the Republican party. All the more reason for him to stand back and avoind getting crushed by the fallout.

But the real deal is this:

George Bush - the head of the Republican party - is nothing but a ghost.
John McCain couldn't unify or lead his party to deliver a win in the House AFTER banking his prestige on it.
AND the Republicans have lost control of the government.

Now its up to the Democrats. They are free to write and pass any bill they want.
But first, they're going to let the Republicans sit and spin.


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about Palin is her absolute inability to grasp the enormity of what she's taken on. (That, and the fact that her 1984 beauty pagent footage surfaced this week.) She shouts out to a voter that we should attack Pakistan (counter to McCain's platform), She can't answer questions about Mc Cain's voting record. I mean, what are the handlers doing with her, shopping?

John Quimby said...


The Stepford VP.