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Friday, March 14, 2008

Cruisin' Home

My son in law made it home from Iraq.

Another deployment completed and our US Air Force Officer is home safe.

The fact that he left Iraq during a week when the killing is increasing, the Iraqi government is still dysfunctional the theater commander has stepped down and there is no end in sight means that our joy at his return is marred by the fact that this horrible situation has no end.

I won't share the details on a public blog, but this deployment was the hardest on his wife and family. This career professional has done everything that he has been asked and he has the decorations and citations to prove that he is the kind of man we all want to serve our country. What a sorry waste that he was asked to serve such misguided policy. All I can do now is take a deep breath and remember to be grateful.

He and his wife are doing what they do whenever he comes comes home.
They're on a cruise!

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