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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Quantum Leap

Race is the issue America may not be able to hurdle. Certainly not in a 48 hour news cycle. Possibly not before the Democratic Convention. Maybe not by by the Fall of '08.

The AP has a pretty good look at where we are today.

If "Post Racial" politics is going to come, somebody has to take us there. When that happens, the old dinosaurs of racial politics can finally shuffle off into history where they belong.

But first, we have to have the parting shots from the old guard.

The Rev. Wright threw a highly emotional shot at the heart of traditional white protestant America and hit Barack Obama. Reverend Wright does not need to "clarify" his remarks. He doesn't need to explain or justify his emotions. Not to me.

But he does owe me an apology. Because his smear on white America slops over onto me and millions like me and cripples the person who is leading a campaign in America that is long overdue. If you want social change and the scales of justice to balance, then the time has come for all people in America to be accountable for what they say in public, not just cranky old white women.

Reverend, your remarks hurt me.

UPDATE 3.16.08

Obama Denounces Controversial Remarks


Raymond McInnis said...

heard obama on jim lehrer last night, where he showed a cool, sincere reserve about the race issue. i think that the guy will manage the damage control.

of greater import, he gave an account of what he would do the manage the prime lending imbroglio -- which i understand has caused the run on the banks and investment institutions -- read, bear stearns -- that i found persuasive.

in april, there are two debates scheduled. for this i think that he is lucky. he will do well in both, providing that the questions are reasonable and that hillary stays in line.

face to face, she can't get away with her outrageous claims.

i'll be that mccain will try to avoid one-on-one face-ups!

John Quimby said...

HI Ray,

I listened to Obama's speech on race this morning.

This is an historic new cultural benchmark. I'm still digesting it but once more found myself impressed by the Senator's ability to seize the issue and the moral high ground in a way that included all of us with him.

I also take your point about the bank mess. Hillary always strikes me as the spokesperson for a committee. Obama strikes me as an intellect capable of leading a discussion about more than one issue at time.

He's handling race, finance, a Democratic opponent and Republican attack media all at the same time.

Hillary is going to have to stop trying to sell the idea that he's not ready. That suit won't fit him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Obama attributed Rev. Wright's anti-white remarks to Wright's experience growing up in a segregated America. Rev. Wright grew up in a middle-class environment in non-segregated Philadelphia. And Obama's extenuation of Wright's anti-white sentiments doesn't account for Wright's anti-Jewish sentiments. And Obama has not credibly accounted for his remaining in the church for 20 years. And Obama has not accounted for the obsessive anti-white sentiments that run for page after page in Dreams from My Father.

John Quimby said...

Equal under the law.

That's the best that our society can constitutionally do to deal with race.

The rest is a social experiment which we are all participating in.

You and I didn't leave America when our President made a hideous miscalculation that was a death sentence to so many.

I don't support those who would use my government to impose their personal religious values, so I'm not that interested in what any pastor says about politics.

I listen to lots of people on the radio say offensive things. I still listen to the radio.

I have not read Obama's books so I can't comment on your anonymous assertions that it is anti white.

Thanks, for the comments.