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Friday, March 21, 2008

Dead Presidents

It's All About The Benjamins:

"Benjamin Franklin: the only President of the United States
who was never President of the United States."
- Firesign Theater

Boston Globe: Political Intelligence Obama Winning Cash Contest

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Charles Krauthammer says: The Speech: A Brilliant Fraud.

Hillary Partisans and Conservatives are now united in common cause.
As Susan Estrich has also pointed out, the "fraud" is that Obama didn't leave his church when his spiritual leader said things that were false and divisive. By that logic a lot more of us should be living in Canada.

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The Obama campaign went low with an opposition researched photo of Jeremiah Wright shaking hands with President Bill Clinton at a White House Prayer Breakfast.

That's not new politics Senator. It isn't smart and it isn't right.

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Osama bin Laden sees shadow - Predicts 6 more years of Jihad

When bin Laden speaks we have to listen and take him at his word.

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How to make money on the internet

I'm providing this link to Jeffrey Hedquist so you can see what I think is a really smart way to use the strength of the internet to establish professional credentials and build broad client support that isn't reliant on local retail.

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