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Monday, March 31, 2008

When They Give Up, We'll Stand In

Interesting news from Iraq...

Excerpted from this story in the Christian Science Monitor.

In August 2004, US and Iraqi forces battled Sadr's militias in Najaf, Iraq. It was billed as a crucial test of then-Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's ability to extend authority over a key city in Iraq that was controlled by armed militias. The Najaf showdown ended in much the same way this one did: a Sadr negotiated truce.

But this time, analysts say, the widespread instances of surrender among the Iraqi forces and the seizure of their equipment and vehicles by the Mahdi Army shows that despite all the funding and training from the US, Iraq's soldiers remain greatly swayed by their sectarian and party loyalties and are incapable of standing up in a fight without US backing...

...Militiamen also paraded in newly issued Humvees, which were taken from the Army in several neighborhoods, according to witnesses.

There ya go. A surge that works for BOTH sides! The Diem government of South Viet Nam couldn't have handled it any better.

I wonder how tempting it is for John McCain to think that he's the guy who can re-fight his war and FINALLY get it right. That's a pretty sad thought really. This is a man who's defining moment in life involves bailing out during a combat mission to face injury, capture, and torture. Don't tell me he doesn't still wake up screaming. I still freakin' dream I'm a DJ.

How tempting will it be for Senator McCain to use our army in Iraq to exorcise his personal demons? How tempting will it be for him to believe that he can finally redeem what was lost at such a painful price?


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