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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drowning Woman Reaches for Point of Sword

Having been rebuffed by Barack Obama, it's only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton offers John McCain the number 2 spot on her "Dream" ticket. She and Bill have already endorsed him over Obama so why not seal the deal with a big wet sloppy kiss?

And the latest from Senator Clinton:

"Clinton Says She Would Have Walked Out On Wright"

She finds moral outrage in the weirdest places. Has the Weekly Standard endorsed her yet?

* * * *


She knows that Senator McCain is vulnerable and she can beat him in the center by capturing white independents - voters who aren't coming to Obama in the numbers Democrats need to see for a run in the fall. She's aiming to prove to Super Delegates that she can win.

Her attacks on Obama are playing weirdly well in the Conservative media, but will they generate real support for someone that Conservatives love to despise? Or will they only fuel their ultimate goal - to burn their beloved Liberal witch at the stake in November?

It's either a brave and smart strategy, or a deceptive and unprincipled sellout. Either way this strategy could work if things were to stay static. But they won't.

Senator Obama probably couldn't win if the general election were held in April. A close second would be impressive but hardly satisfactory.

Senator Obama has made his campaign to the left and kept it there in all 50 states, raising millions of dollars and registering new voters in huge numbers. For Democrats, Senator Obama's strategy is just as risky as running to the right. His campaign depends entirely on convincing a huge number of people to vote.

In the mean time, the tar and feathers are ready. Tar to blacken Obama, and feathers to paint a big Liberal "L" on him.

* * * *

FCC likely to approve Sirius-XM deal, analysts say

Did anybody ask for 2 satellite radio channels in the first place? How about 1?

* * * *

Obama Word Game

Ray and I had a few laughs today using Google Search to play a fun new game.We entered "Barack Obama" plus any words we could think of.

Some examples that returned pages:

Bar Fight
Cream Rinse

We never had a miss.

* * * *

Blogging to Stardom
Imagine being able to read the daily writing of Charles Dickens.

* * * *

Today's Funny:

"Role Models" from

From Crackle: Role Models

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