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Monday, April 14, 2008

Losing The Clinton Legacy

The truth is that Hillary Clinton is a good candidate.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton wouldn't be running for President if her husband had not been President.

The truth is that the latest kerfuffle isn't about small town America or what Obama meant to say about the voters of PA.

This whole skirmish is about the shot Senator Obama took at Bill Clinton.

Did you get that?

This is all about the legacy of Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama is set to cast a long shadow over President Clinton as a leader American Democrats revere. And that leaves Bill Clinton forever defined as a less important figure who was impeached for getting a blow job in the Oval office.

By saying that rural America has been skidding into despair for 25 years Senator Obama erased the Clinton Presidency.

The greatest gamble for the Clinton's isn't just losing an election. At stake here is nothing less than the Clinton legacy. It's now becoming clear how high the cost of staying in and losing the race may be for the Clintons.

Maureen Dowd makes this same point really well in an April 13 column of the NYT

UPDATE: 4/14/08 6:48 PDT

Karl Rove created the strategy of "God,Guns and Gays" he used it to bring out the evangelical vote in 2004.

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