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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We'll Know... When They Know

I'm not in any hurry to see the primary run end.

It's been useful for a lot of reasons. We've already had a good look at who the candidates are and the Democrats have the best chance in years to pick a winner.

I'll bet you that Obama raised 10 million dollars more than Clinton in March.

The 20 point polling gap that showed Clinton thumping Obama in PA is closing fast. I read minutes ago that she is still leading. The story is that Obama is still gaining.

That 10 point shift leaves a lot less daylight to run for in terms of delegates, in terms of fundraising and in terms popular vote margins. She currently leads in none of those categories and the polling says she's loosing momentum.

I'll bet the news that the Texas delegates are all counted and Obama got more didn't help.

I'll bet her campaign already knows what will happen.

The superdelegates won't have to make their pick if the polls keep moving at the same speed. It'll be a statistical tie by race day (you should excuse all that implies) and that won't get it done for her by any measure.

The money will dry up.

The calls to drop out will get louder

And a North Carolina stomping will end it.

If you think this has been ain't seen nothing yet.

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