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Friday, April 11, 2008

Super Weekend Blog Plost

OK, I've put on the ZZ Top - Time to rack up another load 'O fun for the weekend. Let's rock.

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We'll have a clip of Senator Obama demonstrating how many ways he can kick your ass if you try to call him out on something he said.

There are some great links from Contributor Ray McInnis

A link to the blog and their new 23 hour news channel (You have to guess which hour they are off the air.)

We'll have the poetry of Steve Connell and his video, "Mission Accomplished" which leads me to...

A few moments with the 1965 Russ Meyer flick "Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!

And Today's Funny about political pundits from National Banana!

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Verbal sparring is one thing. A Verbal butt kicking is something else.
Both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain (funny how in concert they are)launched a shot claiming Obama's remarks at a fundraiser about PA voters was "elitest". On the same day (no time for focus groups) he nimbly returned the shot to score points in Indiana. Watch the clip below and notice that the Senator isn't reading notes or a teleprompter in his response...

height="355"> Steve Martin once said, "Hey, this guy's GOOD."

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I hope Ray McInnis won't mind if I mention that he was a professional research librarian and has been a long time blogger and blog commenter.

So I'm flattered that he takes the time to research and forward comments and links he think might be useful.

First, I want to file what Ray found and commented on as a result of some offline chat he and I had this week about campaign financing:

Bloomberg article linked below notes that Obama is winning argument that gathering funds via internet is form of public funding.

In his quest for election of president in 2000 and 2004, George Bush amassed unbelievable amounts – from his rich supporters – and, cynically, we all knew that donors would get good returns on their investment.

In 2008, Obama will soon match that figure, but with over 2,000,000 small donors. Rightly, I think, Obama argues that using the internet in this fashion, where his donors stay well under the $2300 limit for individuals, is within the spirit of campaign finance laws.

Irony of ironies, McCain is one of the authors of the legislation. Will he sit still for this type of logic from Obama? I think that he will, because given the temper of the public today, and the parallel economic conditions – recession, mortgage meltdown, gas prices -- among liberals and conservatives alike, argues for me that public opinion, will favor this evolution of the campaign finance law.


Parallel System

He suggested this week that he may reject government money, becoming the first presidential candidate since 1976 to do so, arguing that his broad base of support is a form of public financing.

``We have created a parallel public-financing system where the American people decide if they want to support a campaign, they can get on the Internet and finance it,'' he told supporters at an April 8 fundraiser in Washington. ``And they will have as much access and influence over the course and direction of our campaign that has traditionally reserved for the wealthy and the powerful.''

Should Obama opt out of the system, he will face only muted criticism, said Steve Grossman, a former Democratic National Committee national chairman who is a fundraiser for Obama's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

``I don't think you get penalized when essentially you've gone from a system that was dominated by wealthy people and entities to a system where millions of people are funding it,'' Grossman said. ``That's democracy in action.''

- couple of disconnects here, as obama ad discloses tauzin -- former congressman -- draws $2 mil annually lobbying for big pharm

bogging years ago, I was claiming the billy tauzin left congress for a $1 mil annual lobbying job for big pharm, and of course, I was in disbelief – and disgusted -- at the amount.

(Remember that tauzin chaired the committee for years that had jurisdiction over big pharm, and that – reputedly, big pharm spends $1 mil/congressman senate and house annually -- for protective legislation.)

Well, turns out I was wrong. The annual amount paid tauzin was double $2 mil.

Now, though,an obama ad shows us that he is drawing bead on this outrage. Let’s hope it gets some traction.

You know, I follow media and messaging. Ray follows his nose and digs up facts. For an opinionator like me, this stuff is gold.

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Finally from Ray, a subject near and dear to all of us who have to part with the lean green on April 15th. Where do your tax dollars go?

Check out this report for 2008 from the National Priorities Project

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Yes I do get paid for writing. And since November I've been getting paid to write content for It's web based satire with video clips, a blog and even an opportunity for you to watch the BSN news network live via a link from dirtblog page.

Check out the headlines and keep checking next week for new videos and content.

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Steve Connell was in Santa Barbara recently. His website "Tell Us The Mission" is a great place to visit (Be sure to re-write the Mission Accomplished sign behind President Bush) and a good link to this intense young urban flavored poet. Check out the video below, "Mission Accomplished" from 2003.

Mr Connell visited Teenager's High School lately and he got me hip to the link.

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When I visited "Tell us the Mission" (above) I had to write on the banner. Being the guy I am I wrote, "Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!" 'cause it was funny. From there I had to Google this weird film classic from the '60's. I found this:

What Can I Say?

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The Zucker Brothers are alive and funny. If your read the pundits, you have to see this clip from National Banana:

From Crackle: Webcam Pundits

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Have a great Weekend!

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