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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Voice Over News And Studio Updates

Here's the latest on the good old wholesome bidness of media production and voice work here at The Production Room.

I'll share another hot tip about voice work, link you to a cool story about microphones and hook you up with our latest project news for NPR, CBC radio, Channel Islands National Park and an Animated Industrial Video for Healthcare Heat.

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But First...

How NOT to Get Into Pro Voice Work:

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NPR All things Considered had this great story about a Virginia couple who replicate classic microphones. Also includes a great introduction to the story of German microphone development. Lots of fun! Listen

* * * *

Speaking of NPR - on Monday we provided isdn service to NPR's Alex Chadwick at NPR West in Los Angeles for a segment upcoming on "Day to Day". I will try to provide the link when available.

* * * *

CBC's Anna Maria Tremonti connected with us from Toronto to interview author Brian Fagan about the historic record and the effects of climate change on human beings trough the centuries. That program aired April 22 on "The Current" from CBC Radio 1.
Listen to Segment 3

* * * *

Michael Hanrahan of the Ocean Channel has once again engaged the voice of yours truly and the studio at the Production Room to record voice tracks for a new film to be played at the Visitor Center of Channel Islands National Park.

The new film is similar to a project Ocean Channel did about the environmental restoration of Santa Cruz Island which I narrated from our farm in Canada last summer. Check out this film, "Santa Cruz Island - Crisis To Recovery" on The Ocean Channel.

* * * *

Jay Barry Colin is a youthful 68 years. He's retired. He has succeeded in building a business and prosperity that allows him to live however he likes. Mr. Colin has decided that he would like to keep working.

He arrived at my door with a remarkable project: tell the medical world about Healthcare Heat. It's a new system that uses heat sterilization in operating rooms to help stop hospital infection.

Jay told me that 99,000 people died of infection in US hospitals in 2007, and he wants to put a stop to it.

As we were preparing to finish recording the voice tracks for the video he said, "This is going to change everything. It's a nice leave behind that you and I are all part of. We're going to save lives."

You know something? That's not bad for a 90 minute session.

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