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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Somebody Should State The Obvious

Pundits and reporters like to post speculations that are framed to answer their own assumptions at the expense of the obvious truth.

The New York Times Adam Nagourney provides a great example.

"For Obama, a Struggle to Win Over Key Blocs"

It is the question that has hung over Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and it loomed large on Tuesday night after his loss to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania: Why has he been unable to win over enough working-class and white voters to wrap up the Democratic nomination?

Hey Adam, here's what's making Obama struggle with working class white voters: Hillary Clinton is still in the race. That's right Adam, if she had dropped out last week, he would have killed in PA.

Do you really think these voters will pick a Republican this year? And if they will does it matter who the Democrats nominate?

This has been my problem with Hillary all along. Her base is White Conservative /Independent voters. That makes her just like John McCain. She's been running to the right since she started. She failed to run for the support of her own party. Instead, she blew off partisan support and ran headlong into the minefield of no man's land.

So If she wins the Democratic nomination I have to decide whether to elect the woman who votes like John McCain, or the man who actually is John McCain.

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Camilo said...

Thank you! I've been saying this to friends for awhile and I really think we start to pressing this everywhere we can. Hillary Clinton made no new ground in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Texas. Barack Obama did! He ate away at her leads and people who were inclined to support her. It's preposterous to think that a large number of Democrats will abandon their party if Hillary is not the nominee. The Primary is not the General Election. You have two popular candidates from the same party. It's apples and oranges and the Mainstream media makes me want to scream when they keep referring to this "problem"!!!!