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Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Things Obama Could Do Besides Go To Iraq

Aren't those GOP guys key-YOOOT!
They've started a CLOCK to show how long it's been since Senator Obama visited Iraq! Golly that's funny! Because, see, they're saying Senator Obama can't know anything about what's going on in Eye RACK unless he goes there!

That's gotta be true - 'specially since the phones don't work and the electrical is only on for a couple of hours a day.

Well, guess what? I found out - after exhaustive research - that the war is actually being managed, funded and run from Washington DC! And you know what? As a Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama has been to Washington and even voted on stuff.

So anyway, I thought I'd suggest a few things that Senator Obama could look into without going to Iraq.

1) Visit the White House and ask the President if he has any Iraq plans.

2) Ask the President if he knows who the Commander in Chief is.

3) Find out who's got our money.

4) Find out who the Secretary of Defense is and ask if he knows anything.

5) Visit the Department of Defense/Pentagon and ask around. Somebody there might have an idea of what's going on in Iraq.

6) Ask why the GOP thinks the chain of command starts with the theater of operations commander.

7) Call Gen'l Scapegoat and find out if he's got anything to add to his testimony to Congress.

8) Ask how many American soldiers are dead since Senator McCain put US troops in harms way for his stage-managed walk-about demonstrating security in Iraq.

9) Check and see if there are any high crimes or mis-demeanors someone could be charged with.

10) Ask if there's anybody still in Afghanistan.

HA HA HA! See how funny this is?

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