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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Prodroom Part 2

Yes, there was more Indiana Jones work today. And it's all about global reach.

This film is anticipated to have a huge opening release. But nobody anticipates better than Hollywood. Gotta love that "Star maker machinery". And for a PG13 rated film, they sure are aiming hard at pre-teens on all the Cable channels.

Miguel Ferrer was back today to voice several versions of a TV promo touting box office dominance in America and the World. Yikes! It's like watching a virus spread on a planetary scale (with a totally bitchin VO).

Let me be clear. Mr. Ferrer himself is a really good man. And Aspect Media in LA was a very cool ISDN hook up.

Keep in mind, we are a local, privately owned shop. We're not film driven. We're home boys. I was born in Santa Barbara, and Ray is from Inglewood, CA. We don't cater to Hollywood, it just found us. That said, we've worked hard to earn some respect for our little shop with the big players. We're happy that talent refers us to the big show in LA and New York. And we respect the professional value of the work we do for the artists and their clients. When a voice pro drops in and feels at home with us, we dig having their company and it's really nice. John Corbett likes to pick up on the vintage guitars Ray still plays on a slow Friday afternoon.

So, sometimes we do get a minute to visit. I was interested to learn that Miguel has four horses, rides English, competes in steeplechase and rides to the hounds in our western back-country. Speaking as a guy who first rode for a ranch and now rides western/pleasure...that's some STONES my friend! And you can hear them on new promos - playing on a video channel near you!

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