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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Screw it - I'm Moving to Canada

Yes friends, I am moving the blog to Canada.

Why? Because I can. And because free health care and cheap lobster sound good to me.
Also because I own an organic farm on Prince Edward Island and it's time for spring planting. So I'll be packing up the studio gear in California and heading for the Great White North.

Yes, Canada. The other first world North American Democracy that doesn't care what Stephen Harper says. Harper decided to become a Bush Conservative as Bush himself hit a new low in approval ratings.

So I'll pick up the blog in a few days - when I have a chance to hear what CBC Radio 1 has to say about American politics. That ought to be pretty good reading here.

And before you feel all cocky about being home in the States while I plant produce in the north...Canada owns more oil and natural gas than almost anybody. That means my farm is valued in petro dollars while your So Cal condo withers in a market so depleted that your hourly wage hovers just above third world status.

It's not like I'm going to get rich growing organic produce. But I will have plenty of cheap food to eat this summer. And as soon as global warming makes it possible to grow wine grapes, citrus and palm trees, or somebody decides to start another global war, I'm gone for good!


Steve Crowley said...

In 1967 Frank Zappa told us to "Call Any Vegetable." And although he said the chaces were good the vegetable would respond to us, by 1973 he'd narrowed down his crop of choice to dental floss, which is why he'd be moving to "Montana" soon... to raise it up, and wax it down as a dental floss tycoon.

Zappa claims he never did drugs, but then so did most American voters... who elected Nixon president twice in the years between Frank's food to floss tranformation.

Politics will put you through some changes.

Anonymous said...

Actually Canada is the only other democracy in North America besides Mexico. The US is a republic.. always has been. Cheers from Hamilton, Ontario!