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Friday, May 23, 2008

Desperate but not Serious

I've kept off of politics for a while.
Mainly because I just burned out on the topic.

Call it fatigue.

But a quick re-set might be in order.

It seems the closer Obama gets to claiming victory, the more we all have to wonder about the potential for self destructive behavior among Clinton Democrats who swear, as God is their witness, that they'll never EVER vote for that...that...MAN!

Losing is hard. But losing a close race that meant something very special to many people is apparently much harder.

Senator Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. That is the crucial reason I reject her candidacy for President. Her twisted argument that votes in Florida and Michigan must count is another symptom of her problem.

Hillary Clinton has shown that she will do anything to win - except tell the truth.
She is still not desperate enough to candidly explain that she wants Florida and Michigan to count against Senator Obama so that she can justify her fight to win support within the party establishment. She is in "go for broke" mode to win the White House. Nobody really thinks this is about voter rights which she happily signed away before the primaries.

Clearly, somebody or something has got to take the blame for her defeat.
The usual suspects are already being rounded up.

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