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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Greetings From Canada

First things first. I'm currently blogging from Prince Edward Island, Canada. A place few in the western US have heard of. PEI is the smallest province in Canada and it casually lounges off the East Coast across from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. (Think Maine and go north east.)

I'm four time zones east of LA and one time zone east of New York. I don't have a TV. Just dial up internet and the CBC radio (think NPR). I also have the the local weekly newspaper (The Eastern Graphic)which doesn't have much good to say about the prospects for the island's principle industries of fishing, farming, tourism and the Liberal Provincial Government.

Why am I here? Check the Dunn Creek Farm blog. I'll be updating that after scribbling some notes on Canada and the US election.

* * * * *


Coming here has made me realize just how thoroughly the media in the States have sucked the air out of the room by hyperventilating over the minutia of this election.
Wow, I can breathe again! No talk radio. No 24 hour spin channels, just news summaries on the hour and a full half hour national news broadcast at 6:00 PM.

I woke at 6 this morning to the news that Obama had crushed Clinton in North Carolina and that she had barely won a squeaker in the early hours in Indiana.

CBC had a no nonsense, "just the facts" report with some sound bites that
told me what I needed to know. Obama sounded jubilant while Clinton said, "He wins one then I win one - this election is so close!" Yeah. Except that it isn't.

To Canadians who don't live in our media bubble but are very much interested in the election there is really only one issue. The Bush Presidency is nearly over.

The locals here (think white, working class) are surprised that America has been effectively supporting a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama over Hillary Clinton. One gets the feeling that this shouldn't be possible in the America they know so much about. "Can he win?" I was asked. "He's winning." I said.

* * * * *


From what little I've been able to see here, the facts already on the table are making it clear that time is running out for the plucky little non-elitest, "just like you" former First Lady and independently wealthy Senator from New York.

After news that she "lent" herself another 9 million dollars of her egg money to stay in the race (how's that feel Chelsea?) she keeps stumping for the no-win issue of Michigan and Florida and contrary delegate math that says she ought to invest in a hedge fund and get back to work in the Senate.

I can't help but gloat a bit that the candidate which smeared Obama as elitist decided she could afford to write a 9 million dollar personal check to the campaign. How'd that turn out for Mitt Romney?

Obama has now erased her delegate gain in PA, increased his popular vote margin, won another state and keeps raising more money with an effective organization. What's left for her to show us? A graceful concession would be nice.

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